Film Caribbean UK Summer Season 2015

CARIBBEAN SUMMER SEASON IN LONDON - 8 nights, 10 countries, 22 films

Following the success of its first Film Caribbean UK 2014 festival last December, Sankofa Televisual is hosting Film Caribbean UK 2015 - the Caribbean Summer Season of films at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London, in partnership with CaribBe TV, from 11th July through to 29th August 2015.

Spanning 8 nights and screening a total of 22 films from 10 different countries and territories in the region, the Caribbean Summer Season showcases the greatest collection of Caribbean films ever seen in the UK, across a wide spectrum of comedy, drama, action, romance, youth and supernatural thrills.

With both feature-length films and supporting short films, many are European premieres that have not been shown in the UK before, such as Abiola from Barbados, Dream On from Jamaica, Dubois from Trinidad, Soucouyant from St. Lucia, and Sensei Redenshon from Curaçao.

Audiences will be enthralled by the wide and representative cross-section of the diverse Caribbean culture on screen with other films originating from Antigua, Barbados, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and St. Maarten. This unique collection of countries and territories reminds us that the Caribbean people are not just English-speaking but also converse in Spanish, French, Dutch and many Creole languages.

With stunning images of the coasts of Curaçao, the beaches of Barbados, the gullies of Guadeloupe, the lush land of St. Lucia and much more, everyone will enjoy these film experiences.

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Caribbean food/drink is available in the arts centre all day and the cinema doors open at 7pm.

The new boutique cinema / screening lounge at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre only has limited tickets so get yours soon!